Friday, January 2, 2015

New 2015 Wallpapers and Desktops

Hello 2015!

I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season! I intended for this post to go up yesterday but we had the laziest day at our house filled with pjs and movies, it just didn't happen. 

I released two new products late last year - the State Flowers of the South and Cocktails Desk Calendars. Every month I will post a new free download for you to go with these calendars, a desktop and wallpaper for iPhone calendar. I'll also post the recipe of the cocktail of the month. The Cocktail Calendar features the recipe printed on the back.

This month's cocktail is the MIMOSA. It seemed fitting for January after New Year's celebrations.

2 ounces of champagne or sparkling wine
2 ounces of orange juice
1/2 ounce of Triple Sec
Garnish with fresh orange peel

Pour champagne into a champagne flute. 
Add Triple Sec and orange juice and garnish.

Pour one bottle of chilled champagne into a serving pitcher. 
Add 3 cups orange juice and 3/4 cup Tripe Sec. 
Set garnishes out to add when served.

The State Flower of the Month belongs to Georgia and it's the Cherokee Rose. It's such a pretty flower and the white reminded me of snow in winter, something we rarely see in Louisiana. Fingers crossed for this year. 

I hope y'all will enjoy these monthly posts, they sure are fun to do. 

Best regards,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Seersucker and Sazeracs 2014

I think Seersucker and Sazeracs has become my favorite party that we host all year, even over Mardi Gras, shocking I know! This is our third year to host this party that celebrates our state cocktail. You can view the previous year's parties here and here. This year we decided to move the party up to the first weekend of May. We used to host the party in late June and it's simply just to hot. The weather was great for our party and everyone had a wonderful time. 

I created the invitations in a multi layer pocket fold holding an rsvp card and tied up with yellow twine,  a blue pineapple wax seal and mailed in a matching white envelope with a yellow liner. An rsvp card always makes it so easy to get a head count since it's so easy for people to fill them out and send them in. 

My new creation for this party was a new decorated window pane. I had one last year but the corner was broken and that always bothered me. I bought a new one at a garage sale in my neighborhood. I printed out the recipes of the cocktails we served and taped them behind the glass and traced them with a white paint marker. I added some simple drawings of cocktails and the liquor bottles on the sides of the logo. I hung it over the bar and tied it with seersucker fabric pieces. I had my original glass signed that I've used for the past two years but the stand broke so I just bought a simple white open back frame from Hobby Lobby and placed it with that to hang over the food table.

For the food I made four different dipping sauces to serve with fried chicken nuggets. All the recipies came from my go to, Southern Living. I made White BBQ Sauce, Comeback Sauce, Remoulade and JalapeƱo Mustard.  In addition to the chicken we served a caprese pasta salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. I also served my mother's marinated cheese which is always a crowd pleaser and there is never a piece left!

I decorated using my seersucker tablecloth runners and simple floral decorations of yellow and white flowers in blue mason jars. I had some cute yellow pom pom trim that I've saved forever because I thought it was so cute. Who doesn't love a blue and yellow combo?

We served Abita Beer (of course) and also had a little washing station so people could rinse out their glasses so they can try the Mint Juleps, Pimm's Cups and the Sazeracs. We made the Mint Juleps in large batches with mint flavored Simple Syrup and everyone loved it because you only had the mint garnish instead of the muddled mint at the bottom of your glass that people sometimes don't like.

I don't know if any other states have an official state cocktail but Louisiana does and we love it! If you've never tried a Sazerac you should! Here is a great recipe.

The Sazerac
3 ounces of Rye Whiskey
3/4 ounce Simple Syrup
Peychaud's Bitters to taste
Hersaint or other Absinthe substitute
Lemon twist for garnish

1. Chill an old-fashioned glass by filling it with ice and letting it sit while preparing the rest of the drink.
2. In a separate mixing glass, muddle the simple syrup and Peychaud bitters together
3. Add the rye whisky and ice to the bitters mixture and stir
4. Discard the ice in the chilled glass and rinse it with the Herbsaint by pouring a small amount into the glass, swirling and discarding the liquid.
5. Strain the whisky mixture from the mixing glass into the old fashioned glass.
6. Garnish with a lemon twist. Traditionalists (like myself) only squeeze the lemon over the drink and do not drop the lemon into the drink itself. 
7. Put on your seersucker and enjoy yourself!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Firetrucks and Fun! Jackson's 3rd Birthday

Today is my son Jackson's third birthday so I figured I'd share the pictures from his birthday party this weekend. He is all boy and requested a "Pirate - Firetruck - HOT WHEELS!" party. We settled on a firetruck theme party with a monster truck bounce house. I decided to go pretty simple this year and used some party supplies I had from Audrey's last birthday. I took the Pottery Barn Kids Skyline Boxes from her Superhero party and added flames using some craft foam. Plastic table cloths and tissue balls I made finished off the scene. The cutest thing on the table was the cake that matched the invitation perfectly!

We went simple on the food too with grilled hot dogs (Jackson's favorite food), chips and drinks. I created special labels to dress up the condiments as well. It's such a simple addition that always makes a great impression.

In addition to the bounce house we have a friend that owns a vintage firetruck. He brought it over and the kids had so much fun taking turns being the "driver" and turning on the sirens and lights. For their party favors each child received fireman bubbles, a coloring book, colors and a plastic fireman's hat. They all look so cute climbing all over the firetruck together wearing the hats and posing for pictures.

It was such a fun day and it's so hard my little wild man is 3! Time flies and after this year's party request I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year. Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy. Your humor and attitude keep us laughing all the time and your sweet demeanor and curious mind are things I hope you always keep. We love you so much!

Invitation, paper products and styling: Magnolia Creative Co.
Party favors: Amazon
Birthday Boy's custom T-shirt: Collins Creations

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Go Jack Go! Jackson's 2nd Birthday Party

As I'm preparing for my son Jackson's third birthday I realized I never shared the pictures from his second. We call Jackson our little wild child. He has two speeds, stopped and RUNNING! I chose the theme of "Go Jack Go" because it just fit him so well. His birthday is in April so the weather is warm enough to have an outdoor party too. 

I created the invitations to look like a set of keys. I downloaded a key shape from the Silhouette store and used my machine to cut out two keys (because he was turning 2) out of metallic silver paper for each invitation. The information for the party was printed on the "key chain" and each was tied together with some striped ribbon. I created a cute little car and dog logo as well. 

I called my friend Alyson from Aly B's Bakery here in Shreveport and had her create a dog cake for the party. She also created some adorable race car cookies. The cake was precious and delicious but I must admit, once it came time to cut into it I felt bad! I just felt a little brutal and I kept having a flash to the Steel Magnolias scene when they cut up the amarillo cake. I also ordered race car cupcake toppers and placed them on top of cupcakes from Sam's Bakery. I made coordinating cupcake toppers and wrappers to go with the theme.

We served water, lemonade, hot dogs and chips (Jack's favorite food). I purchased precious little ice cream cups and filled them with vanilla ice cream. I punched out red, yellow and green dots out of vinyl and added them to the spoons to resemble a stop light. Jenny from Craft that Party created the most adorable garland that matched the color scheme perfectly, I used it wherever I could. She also created a precious Go Jack Go peg which Jackson carried around everywhere!

The activity for the party was a race. I spent months collecting child appropriate sized boxes that the kids could decorate themselves and make their own race cars. I saw this fabulous idea from Jordan from Oh Happy Day in an issue of Parenting Magazine. I created an art station with aprons, markers, glue, paper, stickers, paint, brushes, you name it, we had it! The kids had so much fun decorating and I think the adults did too. We set up a race course in the yard and held several heats. Everyone took their race card home and from what I heard from all the parents is they continued to play with them at home - what a bonus!

At the end of the party every child went home with their own new plush puppy friend, some candy and some dog shaped suckers. It was such a good time and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Jackson's third birthday party is this weekend and I'm hoping we have as good of weather too. His theme this year also involves wheels and dogs, boys never seem to change I guess. 

Invitations, party paper, theme and styling: Magnolia Creative Co.
Dog cake and race car cookies: Aly B's Bakery
Race car fondant toppers: Cakes and Kids
Cupcakes: Sam's Bakery
Ice cream cups and spoons and paper straws: Shop Sweet Lulu
Crepe paper garland and Go Jack Dog peg: Craft that Party
Party favors (plush dogs, favor boxes, dog bone candy, dog suckers): Oriental Trading
Jackson's birthday shirt: Collins Creations
Race car activity inspiration: Oh Happy Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

GIVEAWAY - A Rouler Gold Foil Print and a King Cake for Mardi Gras

So this giveaway is in it's third year and always seems to be a popular one. It's fun to see people in get so excited about the possibility of winning a King Cake, but honestly who can blame them! In Louisiana it's a heated debate on who has the best King Cake. From Lafayette to New Orleans people will argue as to who has the best and EVERYONE has a favorite, even in Shreveport people battle it out.  Gambino's is my favorite (they did my wedding cakes so I'm partial to them), Haydel'sRandazzo's are the top contenders around the state but there are many, many more! To celebrate my favorite holiday and this heated ongoing debate, I'm giving away a FREE Gambino's King Cake shipped overnight, straight to your door and ready for your Mardi Gras party AND one of my new hand lettered gold foil Rouler Prints, in your choice of white or Mardi Gras Stripe to add some flair to your Mardi Gras party decor.

1. Pin your favorite Rouler Print image on Pinterest - 2 Entries
2. Post your favorite Rouler Print image on Instagram - 2 Entries
3. Like the Magnolia Creative Co. Facebook page - 1 Entry

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the hashtags #RoulerPrint and #MagnoliaCreativeCo in order to be counted for the Pinterest and Instagram entries

The giveaway will end Thursday, February 20 and your king cake will be delivered to you on Monday, March 3 in time for Mardi Gras. 

Good luck and laissez les bon temps rouler!