Thursday, November 29, 2012

[DIY Tutorial] Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

I wanted to make a craft for my kids for the holiday, actually our elf "Johnny" wanted to make a craft. I'd seen the Felt Christmas Tree on Pinterest and wanted to try it. There were several tutorials online and they were all pretty simple, buy felt, cut, decorate and stick! So I set off to Hobby Lobby to get all my goods.

In my research I did find a very good tip. I can't find the blog link so if this was your tip I apologize for not crediting you. If you know the credit please post a comment below. Use a fine bristle hair brush or scouring pad on the felt to help raise the fibers, it makes the felt stick together much easier!

• 1 yard green felt - I made two trees. I could have made 3 had they been thinner

• Many different colors of felt. Hobby Lobby sells felt 4 sheets for  $1.
I had PLENTY left over.

• Embellishments - I found these great tinsel balls and used them. I also bought jingle bells but they were too heavy for the felt. Stick to light embellishments like sequins, tinsel balls, foam, felt or string.

• Gold Ric Rac - I wanted a garland on my tree. You can use any ribbon. It's cute because there are some gaps so you (or your Elf) can continue to leave notes tucked underneath.

Step 1: THE TREE
The first thing I did was use a sharpie marker and draw out my tree shape. I folded the felt in half so I was cutting two out at the same time. I did the same thing for all the ornaments too, it makes things go faster. After the shape was cut I used my bristle brush to fluff up the fibers of the felt.

Next I added my gold ric rac garland. I unrolled the spool and started at the top with a little dab of hot glue. I criss crossed my way down the tree by simply laying the trim diagonally and then flipping it over on itself and glueing. I left gaps for notes and other ornaments and such.

This is the fun part. Again I used the sharpie and drew my felt on pieces folded in half to make two at a time. One I cut them all out I used all the left over scraps to make polka dots, stripes, letters and other shapes on the ornaments. I also added the little tinsel balls too for some sparkle. Since I cut my tree stump very tall I had room to add some presents. It would be really cute to add a gift tag with your child's name too!

*Don't' forget to use the brush or scouring pad to fluff up the felt as you create your ornaments, presents and other tree decor.

I had planned to use the command strips to hang the tree and had trouble making it stick. So I used blue painter's tape and it worked great. My daughter's room has two doors (OLD house, used for ventilation) and one is always kept shut. I hung the tree on the back of this door so it would also be in the hall and they would be in their own little area out of the way. 

I made a quick note from "Johnny" the Elf telling the kids to enjoy their own tree. I used some left over felt to add some holly to it.

I guess I should consider it a compliment that my daughter wouldn't even turn around to smile she was having so much fun! My son, he's a little tornado, so after ripping all the ornaments off, putting them back up he was done and on to breakfast. I packed up  the extra tree and it's decorations and shipped it off to my nephew so he can share in the fun too!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little tutorial and have fun making your own felt Christmas Tree! 


  1. Such a cute project! I love working with felt, too. :-)

  2. Does the felt just stick together or do you have to use some type of adhesive for the ornaments to stay up??