Friday, November 16, 2012


Image courtesy of the incredible and inspiring Whitney English

I've been thinking a lot about this little shop of mine, where it's been, where I want it to go and what place it should hold in my life. It's so strange to me where and how it started and the many places and developments it's taken on. From completely wholesale driven to an online retail presence, from paper to ceramics and many, many parties in between.  In 2013 there will be many changes within Magnolia Creative Co. and in my life as well. I've been seeing so much unnecessary drama that really takes away from what matters and the purpose in everything. I'm learning to say no sometimes, charge what I'm worth and that I can sit and do nothing and it is ok! With the holiday season quickly approaching and the start of a new year I just can't help but be hopeful and thankful for everything I'm blessed with. I have an amazing husband, seriously, to put up with a creative takes a very strong and patient person and that he is! I'm so thankful for my wonderful, wild, witty, artistic and simply thoughtful kids who inspire me everyday.

I plan to attend a conference hosted by Whitney English in Dallas in December. She's always been an inspiration and I am so excited at the opportunity to learn from this creative entrepreneur and can't wait to share with you the upcoming changes for this little southern shop of handmade goodies.

Thank you for your support and the fact that you read this blog and my Facebook page and mostly for taking my art and bringing it into your everyday life and celebrations. It means the world to me!

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