Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Picks for Kids

1. Chalkboard Birthday Plate from Magnolia Creative Co. 2. Name Crayons from Color Me Fun  3. Super Hero Cape from Land of the Nod  4. Lunch Box from Sweet Mady 5. Nativity Set from Craft That Party 6. Letter Blocks from Dwell on Layla Grace 7. Personalized Foldable Tee Pee from Love Lime Kids 8. Wooden Kitchen from Willow Toys 9. Felt Fruit from Little Fruits

Kids can be so much fun and so hard to shop for at the same time. I put together a list of my favorite gifts for kids this holiday season. 

Our Chalkboard Birthday Plate makes a great gift year round and the chalkboard rim makes it easy to customize for your child year after year. We can even paint their favorite theme or design instead of a cupcake!.  My children LOVE art and most kids love their name on anything so these Name Crayons from Color Me Fun are perfect! As a design geek myself these Letter Blocks from Dwell on Layla Grace scream buy me. Who wouldn't want to expose their child to different typefaces!

Gifts like this adorable Super Hero Cape from Land of the Nod or a personalized Lunch Box from Sweet Mady are great no matter if it's a boy or girl. My daughter has one of their lunch boxes and I personally couldn't be more pleased, I just wish I had found it two years ago! Imaginative play is great for kids.  A Personalized Foldable Tee Pee from Love Lime Kids or this Wooden Kitchen from Willow Toys are something they will love year after year and treasure when it's passed down to their children. Don't forget to throw in some Felt Fruit or other goodies from Little Fruits for extra cooking fun!

For a holiday themed gift this hand painted  Nativity Set from Craft That Party. I ordered one for my two little ones and they love them!

I hope this list can help you find some great gifts for the little ones in your life. 

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  1. Thanks so much for including my felt food mix in your gift for kids pick!