Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go, Jack, Go! Sneak peek!

I cannot believe Jackson will be 2! Time has flown so fast and my little baby boy is now my little wild man. It's so funny to me what a polar opposite he is to his sister. Audrey hates noise and Jackson is well...nothing but noise. She is such a picky eater and he will eat anything, his favorite food, salad with blue cheese dressing AND chunks of blue cheese. Who eats that when they are two? Luckily, Jackson and Audrey, no matter how different in personality play together quite well.

When it came time to start planning his party I had no clue what to do because he isn't into one particular thing. He loves dogs and everything he plays with somehow becomes a vehicle or a monster/dinosaur that wants to eat you. I'm sure moms of boys reading this will understand. We read a lot of Dr. Seuss books in our house so I thought of Go, Jack, Go! It seemed like the perfect party theme because he's always on the go and he loves dogs and he's getting one of those motorized Fisher Price Jeeps for his birthday.

The invitation is made to look like a key chain and I used my Silhouette to cut two keys because he's turning two. The keys are made from silver metallic Stardream paper and have a sparkle to them even though it didn't show up in the photograph. The yellow envelopes have a striped address label that wraps around with a paw print with a "2" in it on the back. I just put them in the mail today so sorry to spoil the surprise for those on the guest list :) We're going pretty low key with this party, well as low key as is possible for a party loving mom like myself but it will be a lot of outdoor, racing, fun!

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