Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crazy Mornings, FREE Gift Tags!

Everyone can understand this, you're racing around on Saturday mornings prepping for a full day of whatever and you think you've got everything you need...but you don't. This was the case for me the other morning. I was hosting a baby shower that day and getting the kids packed for a day full of birthday parties. My husband is a great dad but sometimes with both kids at a wild birthday party he gets a little, flustered, so I try to have a whole emergency bag packed for him with the presents ready and everything.

As I was rushing around I realized I was out of Audrey's gift tags. I own a stationery company! How can I be out of her tags and not know it until it's too late. Well creativity and washi tape to the rescue! I simply attached a piece of washi tape to the gift and wrote her name on that. It looked so cute and the birthday girl's mom could easily pull it off and attach it to the gift so she'll know who it was from later. Cute right?

Well to help you out so you're not rushing around like me I created a FREE set of gift tags for any event. You can download them here and print as many as you need. 

Many of them match new invitation designs coming soon to the shop hint, hint!

Enjoy and have a great day!

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