Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teacher Tulip Thank You Craft Project

Teachers are so important! I have many friends and family that are teachers and I adore my children's teachers. With the end of the school year quickly approaching I came up with a fun little craft that you can create with your child to help them say, thank you!

Tulip printable - Download your copy here
A small container or flower pot
Little Debbie Tulip Snack Cakes - Pink or Yellow
Green tissue paper
Florist foam
Paper straws (The ones used are from Shop Sweet Lulu)
Scissors (Regular and Martha Steward fringe scissors)
Ribbon (optional)

First cut out the leaves on the printable and wrap them around your straw. Use a little glue to attach them. 

Next cut your tissue paper in half, the smaller piece is easier to work with. Place your florist foam in your container and place a piece of tissue over the foam. Then tuck some more tissue around the sides of the foam so about one inch is visible above the edge of the container. 

No use your fringe scissors to cut the tissue to give a grass effect. If you don't have the fringe scissors use regular scissors and make small slits in the tissue. Ruffle the tissue paper a little using your hands to break up the pieces.

Most paper straws are not strong enough to puncture the florist foam so you may need to prepunch it using a plastic straw, pencil or ice pic. Now comes the fun part your child can help you with. Unwrap the snack cakes and place them on the straws. Place the straws in the prepunched holes and admire your work. If you make this the night before you can place small clear favor bags on the tulips and tie at the bottom using some thin ribbon or baker's twine. The printable also includes a small thank you card and some 2" party circles you can also use to embellish your flowers.

I hope you enjoy this little project. It's a sweet treat any teacher would love to receive! 


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