Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lemonade Stand Ideas

Summer is quickly approaching and that means pool time and lemonade time! Several big businesses in Louisiana are sponsoring a wonderful event called Lemonade Day. Their goal is to "empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs". Audrey is signed up and it has been so much fun! We received a backpack with two workbooks, one for her and one for me, the mentor. It's been great working with her and "branding her stand" and "setting goals". It also encourages the children to save for the future and give some money to a charity as well as spend a little on themselves. I encourage you all the see if this program is available in your area and work with your children. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so it's been great to pass this down to my daughter. 

I created a special collection that you can purchase through my etsy shop for a very special price of only $10. It's an instant download and it has everything you need for your child to create their own lemonade stand.

You will receive:
• 2" party circles in 4 designs
• 8" x 10" "Fresh Lemonade" sign
• 8" x 10" "Fresh Lemonade" sign with price circle
• Two 8" x 10" "Fresh Lemonade" signs with directional arrows
• Tip jar wraps in two designs
• Thank you sign
• Invitation
• 2" Thank you circles in 1 design
• Table tents in 3 designs
• 1 "Sweet" lemon banner
• 4" Goodie bag toppers in 2 designs
• Menu card in 2 designs
• Drink flags in 2 designs
• Bottle wraps in 4 designs
• Planning worksheets
• Cupcake wrappers in 2 designs
• Lemonade banner

Don't forget to check out my Lemonade Stand Pintrest board for my favorite supplies, recipes and ideas.


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