Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rope Wrapped Letter Tutorial

I created this tutorial for Everyday Baby + Child Magazine to show how I created this rope wrapped anchor. It was so much fun and such an easy project. 

Materials You'll Need:
Foam board, mat board or thing craft board
X-Acto knife
Clear packing tape
Jute twine
Optional: Hot glue gun or craft glue

Using a pen or sharpie marker draw out the shape you plan to wrap in twine. Cut the shape out with a sharp X-acto knife.

Cut small pieces of twine and using your clear tape, tape them across the edges of your letter or shape. This will help cover the ends. You may choose to tack the twine down now using a little dab of glue.

Now comes the fun part, start wrapping! Tape an edge of your twine on the back and start at one of your shape and start wrapping. Remember as you go to pull the twine tight and push it close together so you do not see the material underneath.

If you choose a letter such as the W I did you'll have to cut smaller pieces and do the pointed parts separately. Continue to use your clear tape or glue to affix the twine to the back. Keep wrapping around as you go around your shape until you've wrapped the entire piece.

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